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  Regional Advantages  

1. Regional Advantages

As a key transport hub, Xiang'an District has its own benefits. Many major networks,
such as No.324 National Road, Shen Hai Highway and the Fu-Xia High Speed
Railway go through this district, including a transfer station for the Fu-Xia High

Speed Railway for both passengers and freight. The location is:
◆ 13km from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
◆ 14km from Xiamen Railway Station
◆ 17km from Xiamen Harbor

in which all plays an important role as a convenient passageway for transport and
logistics in connecting with cities domestically and abroad. The Xiangan Road is the
major arterial road, 120m in width and 13km long, with 6 lanes in each direction. It
bisects the whole Xiangan Area and connects Shen-hai Highway with Xiangan
Tunnel. It also has over 20 bus lines and 3 BRT passenger pick-up locations locally

2. Utilities - Power

◆ One 220kv substation
◆ Five 110kv substations
◆ Three 35kv substations
◆ Twenty-nine 10kv substations
◆ With a substation capacity of 400.3MVA

Xiamen Eastern Gas Power Plant is located in Xiangan and has been in
production since 2009 with total investment of RMB$2.76 billion

3. Waste Treatment

The total capacity of Xiang'an Sewage Treatment Plant is 250,000 Tons/day and the
current utilization is 100,000tons/day. The quality of treated water meets the
requirement of Grade I Level B of "Discharge standard of pollutants for municipal
wastewater treatment plant " (GB18919-2002). The total land area of the Solid Waste
Treatment Center is about 2sqkm and the landfill storage capacity is 20,060,000 cubic
meters. The first-stage project broke ground in 2008, with the storage capacity of
6,630,000 cubic meters.

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