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Member List in “The Industrial Park”

1.Chuanyuan (Xiamen) Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
2.Hao Jinn Precision Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
3.Manica Electric (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
4.Panasonic Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
5.Qunyue Tape Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
6.Vossloh-Schwabe Italia S.P.A
7.Yuyuantai Industry Trade (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
8.Zhaowei Plastic (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

1.Chuanyuan (Xiamen) Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Chuangyuan (Xiamen) Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture by Taiwan
and Japan companies, which is committed to the policy of continuous
improvement in providing 100% customer satisfaction for both its products
and services.

Company was found in December 1998 by Chairman Mr. Shi Yuanbin with
US$1.5 million capital investment. Although the firm only has less than 300
people in total,
they are professional in:
* mold/tooling design
* dual color injection molding
* assembly processing
* bronzing
* OEM business
* plastic injection mold
* plastic package of hardware
* printing
* painting

Chuanyuan’s main products include:
* power socket for Panasonic
* Samsonite travel luggages
* medical equipment
* stationery consumer products
* medical arm-rest commode
* blood sampling pen
* different types of colorful LED lighting vase

2.Hao Jinn Precision Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Hao Jinn Precision Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was found
in May 28, 2008. It specialize in both design and producing a wide range of
precision hardware products with well- mainted precision machines including
29 automatic lathes, 4 hydraulic milling machines, 32 precision table lathes,
20 vertical milling machines, 12 automatic milling machines, 6 table type
automatic lathes and etc.
The company has various types of testing equipment including:
* Binary optics projector
* Mitutoyo micrometer
* Shaft life testing instrument
* ALT instrument
* 30X magnifier
* Vernier caliper
* Concentricity measurement

The company has been engaged in research and develop and production of
LED products, house use and communication industrial types of switches.
There are automatic hi-speed mounters and lead-free reflow soldering
equipment, lead-free wave soldering equipment, insertion line, assembly
line and a variety of electronic processing equipment. The factory has an
uniquely designed state-of-art anti-static production environment which is
fully compliance with ROHS requirement.

Company has obtained ISO9001 (2008 Quality System Certification) while
strictly implementing various programs of quality control to meet the
 requirement of ISO system. Hao Jinn devotes to quality first, continuous
improvement, 100% customer satisfaction. The firm devote a lot of focus
on the control of quality multiple hi-tech testing equipment and especially
through automated checking processes to ensure superior quality of
products can be offer to customers through fool-proof methods.

3.Manica Electric (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Manica (Xiamen) Electric Corp., Ltd. was established in 1997 as a subsidary
of Manica Group world-wide. The factory adheres to global standards and
 has obtained both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certificates. It is also the
epicenter for its in-house Research and Development.

The firm is a major supplier to many high quality personal care appliances in
US, producing a wide range of hair driers, hair straighteners, curlers, setters,
paraffin spas, lighted mirrors and battery chargers. Manica’s products are built
for many globally recognized brands including Mod’s Hair, Remington, Revlon,
Vidal Sassoon and Panasonic.

4.Panasonic Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., also named as “Jian Song” due
to its Chinese pronunciation for company name, was found in April 1996 with
US$36 million capital. The company has more than 2,300 employees who
efficiently generate more than over US$2 million of annual turnover through
its production for a wide range of accessories for household electronic
appliances including integrated motors, silence motor, speakers, home
appliances, bread making machine, juice machine, car LCD monitors and
other related consumer products.

5.Qunyue Tape Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Qunyue Tape Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a quite historical factory located
in the town of Taipei County found in October 1979. After its new factory was set
up in Guanyin Industry District, Taoyuan County in April 1991, the firm
implemented a complete range of automated production equipment to
replace conventional way of manufacturing processes while supplying its
customer demand with highest efficient production know-how.

Through out its sophisticated production processes, there is a team of
well-trained and skillful professionals to handle cutting, slitting and packaging
of plastic products. The firm is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of
products such as:
* Packaging
* kraft paper tape
* cloth tape
* adhesive tape
* PCB tin spraying
* adhesive tape
* Myra PE
* cover band
* MLCC package on the tape
* stationery tape
* double-sided tape
* foam tape
* retaining wall high temperature masking tape
* paint
* polyimide tape
* PET tape
* protective film protective film tape
* a variety of industrial tape

Qunyue Tape products are sold world- wide through its global sales network.
Especially many electronic components factories in Southeast Asia including
Korea and Japan commonly use "Sharks“ brand products produced by Qunyue
Tape Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Additionally the company has a few production
sites in Putian (Fujian), Dongguan (Guangdong) and Kunshan where located
at the Northern area of Mainland China. Also since 2008 the firm further
invested in Qunyue Electric Material Co., Ltd. in Taicang (Jiangsu) which offers
join-operation and services for both its China domestic and overseas customers.

6.Vossloh-Schwabe Italia S.P.A

This factory located at No. 5 Building of Hung’s Enterprise which was established
in 2008 through a joint-effort of Hung’s Enterprise from Salom Group and
Vossloh- schwabe Italy which is a member of Panasonic Electric Works, in
Japan in which the firm is regarded as the second largest lampholder producer
world-wide. With its high efficient automated assembly machines imported
from Germany for lampholder products, regardless the plant only has 4 of
this type of assembly production lines it could offer impressive output up to
30 millions pcs. of lampholder products yearly.

7.Yuyuantai Industry Trade (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Yuyuantai Industry Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to UV painting
(Curing Process), vacuum coating, paint. The firm is specialized in producing
a wide range of following products:
• bathroom products
• lamp reflecting cover
• aluminum reflector cup
• cosmetics packaging (box and cover)
• product casing for mobile phone and small appliances
• glass fiber
• carbon fiber
• aluminum reflector
• resin crafts
• UV coating
• UV cover
• vacuum coating processing

Xiamen Yuyuan Thai Industry Trade Co., Ltd. has 2,000 square meters
workshop for product assembly paint workshop, immersion workshop, UV
workshop, baking workshop, vacuum coating workshop and packaging
workshop and etc.
The workshop has reached design standard of 10,000 class workshop for
using fresh Air System to provide three stages of anti-dust treatment.
The division of workshop is equipped with a complete facilities of vacuum
coating and spraying for production. With its solid and skillful production
capability, innovative and efficient management team and professional
personnel to ensure for products that are of highest quality for customers.

8.Zhaowei Plastic (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Zhaowei Plastic (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise with ,
having support of technical resouces from its Taiwan factory over the past 28
years. At the moment, the company has 7 granulating machines and 1 test
machine that operate on 24 hours basis. With its in-house raw material tester
and computerised color matching apparatus, the factory offers various
engineering plastics raw materials while providing professional plastic
coloring- modified-processing services. Its partners such as Motorola, Sony,
Sanyo and Panasonic which in turn support Zhaowei Plastic for its Research
and Development especially in control quality.

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